P3 Learning Journey to NEWater Discovery Centre

The P3 students spent an exciting day at the NEWater Discovery Centre as NEWater Young Scientists on 17 May 2018. Each of them got to put on a white lab coat before they began the adventure of discovery. Big terms such as "Filtration", "Reverse Osmosis" and "Ultra-violet Disinfection" did not deter our P3 students to learn about the process of transforming reclaimed water into drinkable water.They worked in pairs with an iPod to solve Mathematical puzzles to get clues to unlock information about the development of NEWater as one of our four National Taps in school. This Social Studies learning journey not only promoted appreciation of the Singapore Water Story, it also fostered great bonding with peers within the P3 level.

All were absorbed with Reserve Osmosis!

Finding clues to unlock information on the iPod

Pretending to be Water Wallies passing through magnified filtration fibres

Getting a dose of Ultra-violet Disinfection!

International Friendship Day with friends from ISB & TSI 

IFD Safety briefing before they begin their day with us..JPGIFD Building of friendship using art and craft..JPG

A safety briefing for all our guests by Ms Diana Koh                                          The Art and Craft of Friendship Building!

            (Year Head) before IFD was launched

EVPS commemorated International Friendship Day through performing arts and craft work on 6 April 2018. We were also honoured to have collaboration with two other schools – Independent School Batam (ISB) and Touchstone International Institute (TSI). The three schools came together to put up exhibits for the ASEAN countries so that the pupils learn the traditions and cultures from the various parts of ASEAN. The pupils were also engaged in art and craft work such as making head crowns using fresh leaves, lotus flower wristband making, miniature Kite making, Vietnamese hats, Wayang Kulit and Javanese dolls making. Some booths were so popular that the teachers had to replenish the materials several times! There was no moment of silence, the hall was bustling with loud noises and all ten booths were packed with pupils. We were glad that everyone enjoyed the IFD activities. This truly depicts the minister’s direction for us – Joy of Learning. The activities allowed them time and space to explore and discover their interests.    At the end of the day, we had a concert where all three schools worked together to put up dance and song items to celebrate friendships. The finale was touching! Everyone joined in to sing the song, “It’s a Small World” – despite difference in our language, culture, traditions and distance, we made effort to meet up together and celebrate friendship.

Exchange of tokens

IFD Ms Ong with the Principal of ISB during the exhange of tokens and establishing friendship with an overseas counterpart..JPGIFD Ms Ong with the CEO of TSI during the exchange of token..JPG

          Ms Ong with the Principal of ISB (left of photo)                                    Ms Ong with the CEO of TSI (left of photo)

IFD TSI pupils during P3 Science Class with Mdm Rozana.JPGIFD Crayon art mimicking the effect of wax painting..JPG

              TSI students in our P3 Science class                                                   Crayon Art with the effect of wax painting

IFD Pupils from ISB joining us in the classroom during PAL..JPG

IFD Pupils from TSI joining us in the classroom..JPG

               ISB sudents joining our P2 PAL lesson                                                 TSI students joining our P5 class

IFD One of the very popular stalls, paper weaving..JPG

IFD ISB pupils prepared a performance - Indang dance. They were graceful..JPG

Paper weaving at one of the 5 IFD booths in the school hall                            ISB performance - Indang dance

Celebrating Chinese New Year!


             Wishing all a Happy New Year!                                         Happy A-Go-Go Dance

Festive Drumming by our Music Interest Group

CNY1.JPG                                          Fashion Parade of staff and students in CNY attire

IMG_9627 (4).JPG

  Our school leaders with The Lions and God of Fortune at CNY celebration on 15 February 2018
From the left: Mrs Kwok Siew Lian (Vice Principal), Madam Rahima (Vice Principal)  & 
Ms Ong Lee Choo (Principal)